Actor’s Blog (Rehearsal Week 1)

Actor’s Blog (Rehearsal Week 1)

So, our first day and how better to begin immersing ourselves in ‘The Red Barn Murder’ than a trip to the Moyse’s Museum in Bury. The highlight has got to be seeing Corder’s bust and skin! We spent the evening contemplating the reality of these people, their story and the type of man William Corder really was.

The next day, we did the read through and everyone was giving it welly and using full Suffolk accents. Some were sounding Irish and some were sounding a little like Alan Bennett… but it was great to hear what it might end up sounding like. We’re all really excited. We just need to give it a bit of pace now!

We all got introduced to the lovely space that will be our rehearsal spot for the next 6 weeks. It’s intimate, warm, and has a kettle! Just what we’ve needed this snowy week! Despite the fascination with the kettle and eating far too many biscuits, we’ve had some great ideas appearing already. Lots of Sigur Ros used for inspiration for some physical moments in the piece, and we’ve begun to throw ideas out for character development. What a cracking start!

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