The Bricks of Burston – The Reviews!

The Bricks of Burston – The Reviews!

Following a highly successful first week of touring the first reviews are in! You can find all the fantastic press we’re receiving below:

Tom Grace and Georgia Robson made you wish that you had had teachers like them. They were impassioned, kindly, living for the welfare of their pupils and ready to fight the establishment.

Basil Abbot – Diss Community Partnership

Tom Grace gives a very powerful performance as Tom Higdon…You feel every ounce of his anger, his frustration, how he had strived to achieve equality between labourers and the land owners. He couldn’t have given any more of himself to the role.

Karen McCandless – The Public Reviews

**** – Inspirational

Georgia Robson as Kitty and Tom Grace as Tom Higdon have a good chemistry onstage as the married couple struggling to improve the lot of their pupils.

Western Park Gazette

Tom Moran

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