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Four months had passed since I finished work on the Spring tour so I was especially keen to start rehearsals for the autumn tour of Bricks Of Burston. I was intrigued to see; how the play would be revised, who would be re-cast in the roles of Tom and Annie and how writer/director Ant Cule would approach directing this run. It was immediately apparent from the first read-through there would be a completely different dynamic working between the four of us. Kiara and James instantly brought new dimensions to the characters of Tom and Annie. These dynamics were pushed further throughout the next few rehearsals under Ant’s direction. It was a fascinating experience acclimatizing to the change in approach and re-examining and re-discovering the various nuances of the script and its characters. Ant employed various techniques and exercises to unlock many facets of the script and characters. Between us we have worked extensively bringing more light and shade to the characters and tried to define more clearly the transitions of scenes. It has been especially interesting exploring the progression of their relationships and bringing out a more humorous and playful side. These elements alone significantly alter the feeling of the play. It will be great to see how it all pans out.


Alex Helm

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