Rope Cast Blog (Week 2)

Rope Cast Blog (Week 2)

As an actor, it is very exciting to meet up with new cast members for two reasons in particular. Reason one: new people are, in general, fun. Reason two: they have new things to bring to the play, your engagement with their characters and vocal/ physical warm ups. For the latter, I have been introduced (in baby steps) to Latin, discovered the appalling hand-eye co-ordination of the cast in Jo’s physical dance warm up, and failed terribly on many occasions at a “devastating” game called ‘Big Booty’. The fab thing about having entirely new people to work with is that we learn together. We have owned the Latin song. Hands and eyes are getting co-ordinated.  Maybe, just maybe, I will survive a round of ‘Big Booty’…  Although I’ve not been in rehearsals very long, I can already tell how tight knit we will be as a cast. After hearing the characters voiced by their respective actors in the first read through, seeing them all coming together and living, I couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of such truly talented cast.


Kirsty Mealing (Playing Leila Arden)

Kirsty Mealing

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