Rope Cast Blog (Week 2)

Rope Cast Blog (Week 2)

It is fair to say that playing a character with ‘youth, innocence, and good spirits…the most perfect specimen of ordinary humanity obtainable’ in a room laden with moral ambiguous characters is strange. Particularly when you consider that also present in the room is a dead body. Joining the cast a week after Tom (Brandon), Eliot (Granillo) and Elliot (Rupert) had begun work on the final act, one of the first things I witnessed in rehearsal was the end of the play. For this, I am terribly grateful. And traumatised.  I am of the opinion that, in every play, the beginning is in the end: everything comes full circle. One thing that intrigues me about Rope is the way that Hamilton conveys this in his writing. Instead of showing the murder of Ronald Kentley in a climatic ending, the audience are exposed to Brandon and Granillo’s deed. This dramatic irony is key, elevating the acts from a simple dinner party to one masking a macabre deed: it’s what makes the play so horrific. All I can say right now is that Sir Johnstone WILL break your heart…


Kirsty Mealing (Playing Leila Arden)

Kirsty Mealing

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