Rope Cast Blog (Week 1)

Rope Cast Blog (Week 1)

Very interesting beginning to the rehearsal process, as we are essentially starting at the end. Everyone has learnt their lines before we began, and we’re working on blocking the final Act before anything else.

It’s been quite a refreshing way of working. Without having to worry about the initial barrier of getting off-book, we’re free to play with movement and really react off each other from the offset, without pieces of paper having to get in the way. In preparing the ending before the rest of the piece – and even before doing most of our character work – it now means we have a reference point to aim towards as we develop each aspect of the play, which hopefully will mean that everything feels nice and structured and will be really satisfying to the audience as we reach that point. Although I’m sure when we revisit it after all the other work we’ve done, it could change completely!
It’s great to know that no matter what we have that groundwork to build on.
It’s onwards and upwards (and backwards) from here!

Elliot Hughes (Playing Rupert Cadell)

Elliot Hughes

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