Director Notes 1.

Director Notes 1.

I have an increased respect for stage managers, probably because I haven’t got one…

Stuff of Dreams first venture, much as it pains me to admit it, is not a world famous, earth shattering, huge event in theatrical terms, however important it is to us. However as I have loaded and unloaded the car on consecutive days and evenings, turned the car round en-route to the dress rehearsal to go home and get the costume (yes really), set up and struck sets, washed the shirt on a daily basis, made emergency trips to Tescos in search of ‘ship’s biscuits’ and woken up in the small hours in a panic in case I forget the tin opener, the unique and special place of the stage manager in a production team has been reaffirmed for me.

It’ll be fine I reassured myself, it’s only a one man show, there’s so few props needed, no scene changes – piece of cake!!! Pah! If I never see a puttee again it’ll… well you get the gist. Actually I didn’t even know what a puttee was before Private Peaceful. Now I can roll puttees and cut up a plastic bottle and use it to make a leaky enamel jug waterproof! (Well, to be truthful, I can watch someone else cut up the bottle, but at least I have the knowledge and knowledge is power!)

So to cut a long ramble short, as our next tour will not be a one act, one man show, top of my list when Stuff of Dreams makes its fortune is a stage manager. A proper one. A dedicated one. A real-live one! Anyone out there interested?

… Must go and get the shirt out of the washing machine and roll the puttees for Thursday!


Cordelia Spence

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