Love Left Hanging

By Cordelia Spence & Emma MacLusky    |   Winter 2013


★ ★ ★

“As historical murder mysteries go, that of Maria Marten in the red barn at Polstead, Suffolk, has to be up in the top ten.”

Anne Morley-Priestman (WhatsOnStage)

“An impressive cast multi-roles seamlessly, sings and speaks movingly through well-drawn characters.”

David Porter (Eastern Daily Press)


Set in 1827, this adaptation of the famous Red Barn Murder, focused on a woman scorned and explored the different versions of what happened to Maria Marten. This adaptation sought to discover the flaws in Corder’s short trial leading to his execution before a crowd of thousands. Maria, a woman ahead of her time, fell in love with the charming Corder and was kept in the dark about his shady background with criminals and prostitutes as well as an alleged affair with Maria’s stepmother, Anne.

Who was Maria’s Stepmother? How were the likes of Beauty Smith, the renowned criminal, and Hannah, the London prostitute, linked to Corder throughout history and then dismissed in his trial? We dared to ask the question of what really happened to Maria that night she disappeared from the Red Barn, and was Corder a villain? Or just a pawn in a deadly game?

Cast & Crew

  • Lauren Abel – Hannah Fandango
  • Tina Baston – Maria Marten/Judge
  • Alexandra Casey – Anne Marten
  • Ant Cule – Beauty Smith/Thomas Marten
  • Tom Moran – William Corder/James Curtis
  • Cordelia Spence – Director
  • Ant Cule – Assistant Director & Additional Music
  • Declan Pattison – Lighting & Sound Operator
  • Lauren Abel – Costumes & Puppetry
  • Tim Lane – Original Song ‘Being Burned’
  • Alexandra Casey – Additional Music
  • Leo Altareli – Music Recording
  • Elizabeth Talbot – Fight Choreographer
  • Sam Irwin – Video, Trailer & Editing
  • Pencil Bandit – Graphics & Poster
  • Briony Latter – Performance Photography