General Manager’s Notes 3.

General Manager’s Notes 3.

And almost 9 months on from his last blog post, the General Manager of Stuff of Dreams returns with an update… and what a 9 months it has been!

Love Left Hanging was exactly what we wanted it to be, an amazing success. One of the hardest things with a new company is getting some sort of repute… particularly if you’re creating your own scripts. There is so much brilliant emerging theatre out there it’s hard to get yourself seen, and show that you’re different. But Love Left Hanging did that for us. For a company to take its second show out on the road, hit the Brighton Fringe and emerge from the experience with enough money left over to buy the cast an ice cream (albeit a small one) was a real tribute to the talent showcased in the piece, and all the venues who took the show can’t wait to see what we’ll write and produce next!

To give you a very brief update on what’s happened since then… we’re touring Rope by Patrick Hamilton throughout the start of November, and then we’re working on something new and original (much like Love Left Hanging) for Spring next year. Both shows generated a lot of interest from venues and we are very proud of everything Stuff of Dreams has achieved so far. However that has meant a lot of behind the scenes boring stuff and not really a lot of interesting stuff that you guys want to hear…

But all that is about to change…

I’ll be announcing the cast over the weekend… so keep your eyes peeled. We’re also going to give you a much more detailed update about Rope, as we’ve been very lucky to have some expert talent on board with it’s design.

Speak soon folks!

Lee Samuels

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