Director’s Notes 2.

Director’s Notes 2.

Writing ‘Love Left Hanging’ with Emma MacLusky has been an incredibly rewarding experience, and as I type this I am struck by the incredible sense of excitement and expectation that I have about this project. Perhaps this expectation is heightened because the creative process on which we are about to embark will happen with a script that I have a unique ownership of. All those mornings I have woken up with a feeling of panic because I was so slow in my efforts to redraft, or the deadline was approaching, or I’m wrestling with a character or a scene, now seem distant and not nearly as awful as it did at the time. Just how much the script means to me only became apparent when I knew Emma was emailing it out to the actors. I was petrified that they might hate it, a feeling I can only compare to the fear I felt on my children’s first day at school; that no one would want to play with them at break time.

I look forward to the changes that our ‘baby’ will go through as it ‘grows up’ over the next few weeks. I am so excited to see it take its first steps and to watch my actors flesh out the characters, whose voices resonated in my head as I was writing. Emma and I are the proud parents of this particular (Emma’s phrase) ‘big baby’ but it has a whole family who are going to develop and nurture it… as well as ruthlessly alter parts of it. At times this will be frustrating and difficult, but it will also be dynamic and vibrant.

‘Love Left Hanging’ has been in gestation for nine months, and tomorrow it start a whole new phase as our rehearsals commence. I can’t wait!


Cordelia Spence

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