Actor’s Blog (Rehearsal Week 5)

Actor’s Blog (Rehearsal Week 5)

Sheer determination and bravery shown by everyone this week, battling frozen roads, heaps of snow and a flooded village to reach rehearsals where we were always rewarded with a cup of tea, a slice of cake and some serious work analysing and interpreting Act 2.

Lots of work on smoothing the transitions, but actioning was the real name of the game, which we found far too easy to adopt into our own lives, shouting “I strike you” as your snowball pelts a fellow cast member.Lots of laughter in the Brew House, and we’re still loving this show and the process.

The positivity, even though exuded with surprise, set us in great stead with Act 2 by the end of the week. Still plenty of actioning to do, so as to bring Emmdelia’s script justice on stage, and Cordelia always makes sure there’s time for tea and cake.

All set for our next run on Monday in front of the technical director after a long weekend off!

.Also we seem to have developed an addiction to Taylor Swift…

Quote of the week: ‘Well that was a lot better than expected!’.

.The Love Left Hanging Cast

Tom Moran

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