Actor’s Blog (Rehearsal Week 4)

Actor’s Blog (Rehearsal Week 4)

Here we are folks. Just over a month until curtain up on our tour and we are feeling good! The first tentative steps are being made without scripts and we are getting down to the nitty gritty. Rehearsals are now played out alongside the incredible musical stylings of our very own, in-house, folktastic band: Alex and Ant.

Tom and Alex were doing a raunchy scene which we promise is extremely raunchy. There may be some “erotic” male (okay okay okay… top half only) nudity in the play. Considering we can get an “easy remove” 19th century flouncy shirt. Prepare to be shocked… or aroused.

It turns out that rehearsing a murder scene over and over again becomes kinda weird in the end.

The author came to visit! And we had a bidding war on ebay (which we lost *sad faces*).

The cast are sniffly and tired but the play rocks and we’re going to be on the radio. Hooray!!!

By the way… did everyone see our official trailer?

.The Love Left Hanging Cast

Tom Moran

  • Jack Davis

    Sounds interesting, waiting for 27th May will surely watch the movie.
    Keep updating on latest upcoming

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