Actor’s Blog (Rehearsal Week 3)

Actor’s Blog (Rehearsal Week 3)

Since when did it get to week 3 already!?

Lights, camera… “Can I say action?”
And by jingo did we get action this week!
Despite freezing our backsides off for the good of the production we all had great fun filming at the start of the week. Big thanks to Sam Irwin for making us look so amazing! Tina (who plays Maria) definitely manned-up the most walking bare foot through the graveyard amongst the Corder family graves! 

The remainder of the week consisted of blocking, blocking and more blocking. With occasional boogie-ingabit of humming and a jam session that totally rocked the rehearsal space.

Towards the end of the week we rehearsed somewhere different to our usual rehearsal space, and this brought on an entirely different perspective. Plus we got the chance to play on a stage for the first time in the process!

Lines are getting there slowly, and we’re all working really hard… but we can always find time for one very important element in the rehearsal process… CAKE!

Fun fact of the week: The Cock inn in Polstead is not named after a rooster. Oh no, it is instead named after the ‘cock-horse’ which was used to give carts extra power to climb Polstead Hill (probably to get to the pub which is nestled nicely at the top).

Finally,KEEP YOUR PEEPERS PEELED for an amazing trailer that promises to thoroughly whet your appetite for Love Left Hanging… But in the meantime, watch our unofficial trailer to the official trailer here (occasionally called ‘A very well put together blooper reel’).

The Love Left Hanging Cast 

Tom Moran

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