Actor’s Blog (Rehearsal Week 2)

Actor’s Blog (Rehearsal Week 2)

Blocking hell!

Great strides were made at the start of the week with more facial acting than you can shake a stick at, despite the entire cast being struck down with a horrible cold and wifi withdrawal symptoms!! Dun dun dun!

We are having a really great time getting into our characters and playing with how they all interlink. Especially the characters of Hannah and Beauty who are so historically mysterious that we are really creating them ourselves. Creating such an exotic, catty woman is a lot of fun! And as for Beauty Smith… the script causes conversations like this to occur…

Beauty: Hey Corder… Anne told me something last night.

Corder: Oh yeah?

Beauty: Yeah, she said that you talk about… Pigs.

Corder: Pigs?

Beauty: Yep. She said you talked about us… Stealing pigs. While you were-

Corder: -While we were making love-

Beauty: -making love, yeah. So… she knows about that. About us. Stealing pigs. Because of that, because of you doing that. So that’s…well, that’s pretty weird, mate. If I’m honest.

Corder: Yeah! I know! Believe me, I’m as weirded out by it as you! Like… What was I thinking? Well I guess I wasn’t, if ya get me. Wink wink, nudge nudge. Beauty? Wink wink. You know what I mean? Nudge nudge. Eh? I certainly wasn’t thinking with my head. Eh? Beauty? Beauty?

(Beauty had left.)

Needless to say… this conversation is NOT in the show… but who are we to rule out potential historical conversation eh?

Next up, humming, harmonising and a little bit of musical experimentation (which Tom can be seen demonstrating here). Entrances and exits were being polished, we solve a problem with the helpful magic of a theatrical gender change and then BAM, we’re into Act 2! And Tom from Stuff of Dreams’s last production comes to visit! It was lovely to see him and really put a great end on the week.

Bring on Week 3!

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