A Special Valentine’s Day Rehearsal.

A Special Valentine’s Day Rehearsal.

‘And then we kiss’

The spoken safety of four vowels and nine consonants delay that inevitable moment until you actually have to do it. You laugh and joke, but the issue is deadly serious.

We meet, we fight… “and then we kiss…right?

The mere mention of the words pierce through theatricality to create a very new and very real problem; when do we actually do it? Sure, we’ve six weeks until the show, but what’s left to do in our raunchy read-through? The scene is set, our places are blocked, the moment both adequately and suitably mocked; but the issue remains, ever relevant, and ever awkward.

We can’t take the piss, the moment is this, a nod from the director… and then we kiss.

And it’s Valentine’s Day. Kind of awkward really. Thank goodness she doesn’t have a boyfriend

Tom Moran, (Love Left Hanging Cast, William Corder)

Tom Moran

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