Forgotten – Nick Murray Brown Actor’s Blog

Forgotten – Nick Murray Brown Actor’s Blog

Rural touring is something I have done a fair amount of over the years, though not lately. When ‘Forgotten’ came along, I was greatly looking forward to working with The Stuff of Dreams Theatre Company and on this new play that I found as evocative reading it as its title promised. The setting of Aldeburgh with its seafaring heritage was of great interest to me, being originally from Lowestoft. My father worked at sea and both my grandfathers worked in the herring industry, so I feel a connection to aspects of the play, in a small way perhaps, nevertheless valuable. However, the key ingredient for me is the team you’re working with. I feel very fortunate to be amid a fine company, its associates, the cast members and our director. A play like this, touring to community venues is a special realm of theatre and requires togetherness. This I found from day one. And so it has been over the past two weeks that I’ve pootled along the windy country lanes (that really should have ‘Horse & Carts, Model Ts and Fiat 600s only’ signs) and over the quaint little bridges you find between Harleston and Pulham Market, looking forward to rehearsals and now in a few days time to the tour itself.

See you at a venue en route! Until then, “Do you keepa troshin.”

Tom Moran

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