Forgotten – Cast Announcement!

Forgotten – Cast Announcement!

We are delighted to announce the cast of our Spring 2016 tour of Ray Rumsby’s original play ‘Forgotten’, with support from Arts Council England and Norfolk County Council.

Hayley Evenett is playing Phoebe, Lucy, and many more. We have 5 actors playing 45 roles altogether!

“I am absolutely thrilled to be working with the renowned company Stuff of Dreams on their next production ‘Forgotten’. Ray Rumsby’s script is terrific and I cannot wait to get stuck into rehearsals, play a multitude of characters and enhance my recorder playing skills!”

We welcome back Kiara Hawker for her third role with Stuff of Dreams. She is playing Sarah Elmy and Dinah, and more.

“I’m really excited to go on tour with ‘Forgotten’ in the region where the play’s set, including Aldburgh the coastal home of George Crabbe. There’s something really special about being in the actual places talked about in the play – it seems utterly fitting.”

Neve Doyle is playing Aunt Elizabeth, Mrs Crabbe Snr, Mrs Skipper and many more.

This is Neve’s first role with Stuff of Dreams. Neve has experience in folk singing, Irish step and period dancing.

Nick Murray Brown is playing Peter Grimes, George Crabbe Snr and many more.

“Lovely script… amusing, dramatic, tender… looking forward to this new play bloom into life.”

After his debut with us as Fabian the Blacksmith in our Christmas show, Thomas Wingfield is returning to play George Crabbe, Lecturer and Rupert.

The first time he worked with Artistic Director Cordelia Spence was at UEA in 2010, where he played a loveable seal in a short play.

This is the true story of ‘Peter Grimes’, and George Crabbe, its true author.

In youth, he struggled against social prejudice and personal circumstance; in marriage, the loss of five beloved children and his wife’s progressive mental illness; in his work, he shocked the rich with scenes of poverty and poorhouses – the narrow, dividing line. This is George Crabbe’s haunting story.

‘Forgotten’ is the Stuff of Dreams Theatre Company’s brand new play, portraying the personal, social, literary and scientific dramas (both comic and tragic) in the life of East Anglia’s greatest poet.

You can find out more about the show here.

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