In youth, he struggled against social prejudice and personal circumstance; in marriage, the loss of five beloved children and his wife’s progressive mental illness; in his work, he shocked the rich with scenes of poverty and poorhouses – the narrow, dividing line. This is George Crabbe’s haunting story.

Forgotten portrayed the personal, social, literary and scientific dramas (both comic and tragic) in the life of East Anglia’s greatest poet.

The true story of ‘Peter Grimes’, and George Crabbe, its true author.


'Company founder Cordelia Spence is developing into an innovative and boundary-changing director. She’s served by a talented, versatile cast who tackle dozens of parts in exquisite multi-roling...This atmospheric evening sits us on the beach with Crabbe and his people who deserve not to be forgotten.'

David Porter (Eastern Daily Press)

'Nick Murray Brown’s Grimes’ shook the very foundations of the Cut last night, echoing a human agony that reached back through history itself. His commitment to the role was staggering and inspiring, a figure whose very appearance caused gasps.'

Simon Morgan (Fabulous Norfolk)

'Nick Murray Brown is a force of nature. Volatile, deranged, dangerous, he looms like a figure out of the storm.'

Basil Abbot (Plays International)

Cast & Crew

George Crabbe/Lecturer/Rupert
Thomas Wingfield

Sarah Elmy/Dinah/Additional Roles
Kiara Hawker

Peter Grimes/George Crabbe (Snr)/Additional Roles
Nick Murray Brown

Phoebe/Lucy/Additional Roles
Hayley Evenett

Aunt Elizabeth/Mrs Crabbe (Snr)/Mrs Skipper/Additional Roles
Neve Doyle

Cordelia Spence

Set Design
Eloise Mitchell

Costume Design
Julia Hook

Lighting and Sound
Rhett Davies

Sound Design & Musical Arrangements
Tim Lane

Set Construction
Paul Cook

Dan Allen

Musical Arrangements
Nick Murray Brown

Musical Arrangements
Julia Rumsby

Graphics & Poster
Pencil Bandit

Amy Aldous